The Road To Integrity

Only God’s Spirit can create integrity within us, but everything in the world can rob us of it. People and situations will intentionally and unintentionally corrupt and compromise our integrity. We aren’t born with a heart of integrity, and if we want it, we have to fight for it.

If we want to fight for deep-rooted integrity, it means that we must intimately know, understand, and love God’s truth. It’s this truth that develops wisdom in our lives and helps us discern and put into practice the standards and boundaries that form a heart of integrity.

To fight also means to surround ourselves with people who are always watching and holding us accountable. Sins multiply in silence and seem smaller with a lack of accountability. We are much more likely to continue to compromise when no one cares that we are doing it or will not find out. Accountability is hard, but is a key ingredient to taking responsibility for our actions and words.

Fighting for integrity will grow our capacity to face and change the obstacles that continually force us to compromise God’s truth. It makes it a little easier to not over-promise things, change jobs or find a different circle of friends.

Fighting doesn’t mean we will ever be perfect. We all fall down. We all make mistakes. No matter how much integrity we have, we will never be perfect. This is especially true in times of fear, disaster, and chaos when the temptation is even greater to make a wrong choice. The key is to take responsibility for your actions and own up to our mistakes. Having a heart of integrity helps us recognize mistakes and reach out for God’s grace and forgiveness.

Integrity is not something that you either have or don’t have; it’s a lifestyle that we must intentionally strive for. Be intentional about striving for God’s truth and wisdom. Fight against everything that tries to distract and rob us of integrity. Determine to run hard after the things that matter.