Photo of a large crowd at a festival.Many years ago, I agreed to share about Jesus at an outdoor gathering at Surfers Paradise in Australia. I wasn’t exactly sure what I had said yes to, or when I was to share (minor details, I thought). To my amazement, in the middle of a massive crowd, my name was called up to the stage. I was ill-prepared and utterly confused. Taking the stage, I was led to the front and patted on the shoulder with an affirming, “Go get ’em mate!”

Coincidently, my mind went totally blank and my jaw hit the ground. I was terrified. The only words that came to mind were, “I am not ashamed of the gospel!” When I said it, the crowd went crazy. I thought to myself, “Say it again!” So I did. I repeated it again. It was the best 7-word sermon ever and I stole it from the Apostle Paul.

When Paul addressed the Romans with those 7 words, he did so confidently and without hesitation. For Paul, the gospel was the power of God and he had no shame about declaring it. Regardless of upbringing or past, God has brought salvation to everyone. This news draws us out of mediocre living and to a new way of life – a life of faith. Paul’s bold declaration continues to resonate through our lives as we echo his appeal.

Maybe you’ve grown familiar in your relationship with God and you have trouble thinking of the last time you were truly bold for Jesus. That happens often and we quickly drift towards complacency. Let Paul’s declaration rise up within you and fill you with boldness. Being rejuvenated with the power of God will quickly shock you out of a stagnant rut!

Ask yourself, “How can I be bold this week?” I think God will give you a new and creative way to share how you are not ashamed of the gospel!