Integrity speeled out in blocks as illustration for this post.

Integrity - Hard To Define

Integrity is hard to define. In the dictionary, it’s defined as “sticking to moral and ethical principles.” In everyday life, integrity is defined as being honest and trustworthy. If we base integrity off of these 2 definitions, we end up living our lives based on a moral truth of our choosing and hoping others see us as trustworthy and right. Both of these definitions are right, yet, at the same time, incomplete. Integrity is also so much more.

Integrity - Based on What God Says is Right

True integrity is simply this- living and speaking based on what God says is right. Integrity means basing our words and actions off of His principles and truth. Why is it based on God’s set of principles? He is the author of everything right and true. When we live our lives claiming that God is our creator, we have to understand that He created us to live based on His standards of truth.

Integrity - Moral and Ethical Principles from God

He created us to receive our moral and ethical principles from Him. Any other place we find our values or truth is a man-made opinion, and therefore not true integrity. His truth is the only thing that will lead us to a life of integrity. So, living with integrity means saying yes to what God says is right and good, no matter the consequences.

Integrity - God’s Word is the Only Standard

Integrity is more precious than riches and more important than our comfort. Identifying and believing that God’s Word is the only standard by which to evaluate and develop our core values is the first step in developing integrity. Determine today to start opening your heart to a lifestyle of knowing what integrity is and where it comes from.