Failure Is NOT an Option

Failure is NOT an option. Failure is an illusion based on fear and doubt. Trust your higher self and redefine failure as an opportunity.

This quote from Apollo 13 is my favorite and a great mindset for creating a fulfilling, joy-filled life. Often people judge things or view things as either success or failure. However, the reality is that those are only the extreme opposites and there are several options in between. If you believe that you either succeed or fail with each venture, then you have a shortsighted and narrow view of life.

Think about how you define failure. Is one failed attempt cause to give up? One definition of failure is to be unsuccessful. So if you have a meaningful goal that you are working toward, do you give up on one attempt or do you get up and try something different? I believe the mindset you have will ultimately decide your outcome.

If you adopt this mindset that failure is NOT an option how will that change your daily life? What is it that also makes the impossible possible or those who beat all odds against them to win in the end? Some commonalities are perseverance, determination, faith, inner strength, tenacity and an unwillingness to settle for less than the goal.

If you set a goal for this year and are not where you want to be yet? Adjust your mindset and get back on track starting with getting your mindset back on track. What would you do today if you believed that failure is NOT an option?