Choosing anything but God’s truth leads us to compromise our integrity. It doesn’t matter how small the compromise is, it still wounds our heart of integrity. Here’s the problem- compromise leads to justification, and justification leads to confusion. What was black and white blurs to gray, and we justify why God’s truth doesn’t need to be our guide in every situation.

Our words are one of the easiest things to compromise. With our words, we exaggerate the truth, gossip, tell white lies, and over-promise. And then the justifications start. A white lie isn’t really a lie, right? And besides, it’s better than hurting someone’s feelings. What’s the big deal if no one is getting hurt? Black and white is turning to gray.

We can also compromise our actions. We take something small without permission, don’t clock out for lunch, or take credit for something that we didn’t do. Then we start to justify. We didn’t get as much credit as we deserved last time so… it’s ok. They won’t notice one being gone, they can afford it. Black and white is turning to gray.

With every excuse, compromise, and justification, God’s truth is distorted and its position in our life adjusted. God looks at our heart, not the size of the compromise. There are no gray areas for His truth that is black and white.

Compromise can seem easier in the moment, but God’s truth is really what brings life. When our words and actions line up with what we believe, or say we believe, we spend less time and energy questioning ourselves and worrying if others will find out. Compromise and justification cloud the truth of God’s desire for your life. Choose truth even when it’s inconvenient and hard.